Monday, 18 July 2011


So I've been worried over the weekend about this blog:

The last was I think, for lack of a better phrase- functional.

The worry then is that people necessarily ascribe your personality to, or assume your personality from the things that you write. It's why diaries and unfinished screenplays and the god- awful "lyrics" of the tattoo'd, flesh-tunneled EMO- post- teen are secret, because NOBODY wants just to be thought of as merely functional. 

That got me thinking about the toothless, beige prior posting. I certainly don't want people thinking that about me- I'm marginally funny for shit's sake! Not beige- benign possibly, mediocre obviously but never beige.

So I started thinking that this blog needed to stand for something- to mean something. But then inevitably the beige struck. A great curtain of corduroy fell. Errrrrrrrrrrr- nothing. Bugger. Gone was the vision of a blog akin to the great Russian novels winning the hearts and altering the minds of the readership…

So the end is nigh and the functionality is resumed, hesitantly. So perhaps we ought to think of this as efficient rather than functional. Efficient is better- if a girl says that you were 'efficient' that means you both got off right? Right…. 

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